Similar Ghost Themes

Hello everyone. I just stumbled across Ghost and I love it–in the process of standing up a blog now on a VPS :slight_smile:

I was curious if anyone knew of a theme similar to either of these:

Thanks and take care.

Hello. Mapache is a theme similar to the one you are looking for and it is free.

Thank you for sharing that, it’s perfect! Could I change header at the top from black to green?

All the colours are specified in the file assets/styles/main.css. Unfortunately, the file has all the CSS on one line. If you format it, you’ll see that on line 512, the colours are defined like this:

:root {
    --black: #000;
    --white: #fff;
    --primary-color: #00a034;
    --secondary-color: #2ad88d;
    --header-color: #bbf1b9;
    --header-color-hover: #fff;
    --post-color-link: #2ad88d;
    --story-cover-category-color: #0cda4f;
    --composite-color: #cc116e;
    --footer-color-link: #2ad88d;
    --media-type-color: #2ad88d;
    --podcast-button-color: #2ecc71;
    --newsletter-color: #07a131;
    --newsletter-bg-color: #55d17e

--primary-color controls the main colour of the site (the header). Play with the other colours to see which parts of the theme they control.

Thank you for sharing that, it’s perfect!