Site Consistently Crashing

Hello, I’ve been using Ghost CMS for about a year relatively trouble free but this week has been very different. The site is crashing with a 502 Bad Gateway error. Rebooting the site allows it to work only for a minute or so before crashing again. This hasn’t been an error until recently.

I’m on Ghost CMS V3. I’m hosting on Ubuntu 18, on an AWS t2.micro.
I did follow the docs when setting up and it was hassle free for about a year. How can I begin to debug this? Would upgrading to the new version help? I’d appreciate any help

Hello gakdemir,

502 errors are often caused by a defect nginx configuration or by the underlying service malfunctioning.

First off, I am unfamiliar with AWS specific config, But perhaps one of the following hints sets you on the right path:

  • Monitor whether your ghost service causes memory leaks (in that case, making a backup of your content and an upgrade could help)
  • Check your nginx reverse proxy config. 502 might be caused by missing to set www-data as owner of the nginx process.
  • Check whether your DNS is resolved properly with