Site inaccessible on new RaspberryPi 4 installation

Hi Team,

Have been through a handful of guides (all with slight tweaks on process and version of npm/yarm, node etc.) and it always goes flawlessly - no error codes or fails, but I am unable to access my ghost install from my network (or externally, for that matter.) in all cases.

NB: this is the most recent guide I used, and all the resources linked are from that process. It was done on a fresh image of buster10lite (2021-05-07-raspios-buster-armhf-lite) image, file system expanded, updated/upgraded, timezone set, and rebooted - on a RPi4 with 32GB Class11 SD - before beginning the Ghost installation process. All installation processes were done via SSH from a machine on the same network.

I figured you may want to see for yourself - you may see something I missed - so I stuck the whole thing on pastebin, if you want to look through. Or the individual chunks: Install ufw, nginx, and mariadb-server, mysql_secure_installation, node, Ghost install, if that’s easier.

NB: At the end of the Ghost install process, I did: pi@raspberrypi: /var/www/ghost $ ghost config --url so I could (…apparently) access the site from a local network machine.

When I visit the RPi local IP ( - I get the nginx welcome page (note this was also the result before I changed the URL to the RPi IP, from localhost, as noted above).

When I go to the RPi local IP + port 2368 (i.e. I get a web timeout (ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT) after a minute or so. Same scenario with

Few other things below - let me know if anything else would help diagnose!

  • Ghost doctor results
  • Files: nginx.conf, ghost config.production.json, /etc/nginx/sites-available/default (this is the only file in there)
  • also just notices that ‘index.nginx-debian.html’ is in /var/www/html (this is the only file in here). Not sure if relevant, but I gather this is what I’m being directed to when visiting the RPi IP… though I thought this was meant to be deleted during the nginx installation process…
  • This is a local installation, but not using ‘ghost install local’, but rather ‘ghost install’ and accepting the warning during installation re: this not being Ubuntu - as you can see in the Ghost install pastebin
  • Using most recent version of node (v14.18.0 re: supposed ARMv7/8 LTS version)
  • Most recent version of Ghost through the cli (4.17.0)
  • Configuration is on a Raspberry Pi 4 on local network (once working, the intention is to port-forward and access externally through a DDNS. Just a hobby, after-all)
  • Tried on chrome, edge, and safari (all most recent versions)

#gaveup. lost patience and just 'ghost install local’ed instead.