Site running already in https, but some images posted are in http

my site have already been running with https, but when i add images to a post, some of them will appear to be broken, but if i clicked on them, all of them can be loaded and shown.

the featured image in posts are all working fine.

i checked, and found that all those broken images have the link in “http”.

how can i enforce https in all posts images ?

Can you post a link to an example of the problem? Should make it easier for people to help :slight_smile:

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hi @john,

thanks for the reminder, and here are some of the example posts :

Your site is configured with http:// in the url; it neds to be configured with https. If you’re not using docker, run ghost config set url and then ghost restart in your instance directory

thanks for the hints.

i’m using the bitnami stack, just checked and it doesn’t have the ghost cli installed.
in this regard, i’m kind of wondering if this manual operation will break things apart, i’ll go ahead to check the bitnami doc in this, i.e. how to “config url” with the bitnami stack.

thanks and i’ll check to see, and come back for updating what i’ve found.

issue solved, by following the advise in this post :