Small avatar images aren't generated

Hi all,

I’m experiencing an issue, though I’m not sure if it’s an issue inside of Ghost or my own setup. I’ve uploaded a custom avatar for my account on my instance ( and, amongst others). This avatar displays properly on the user profile pages, but the small avatar doesn’t display correctly.

On io, it doesn’t display at all, and I can confirm that there is no size directory in ghost/contents. On dev, the small avatar shows, but it’s proportions are incorrect (though this is variable, and a pain to reproduce - I’m using a Gravatar there, but not on io).

Are the smaller images supposed to be being generated? If so, I’m assuming this is a bug in Ghost, as they most definitely aren’t. I’m just setting up a local repo now to dig into it (though I’m not a fan of Nodejs), but if anyone knows, it’d be useful.


P.S New users can only put three links in a post… but I have only put three links in a post. They’re all to the same (2) pages. This is why I hate Discourse. It’s a piece of limited bleep.