Snippet updates

When I update a snippet, I would have liked it to update the snippet everywhere on my site. Instead I have to go through every post / page and replace the snippet.

Is this expected?

Yes, it’s expected. Snippets are the equivalent of saved copy/pastes, once you’ve used a snippet there is zero difference between the “pasted” snippet content and any other manually created content, with no way to tell after-the-fact that it was snippet content.

This approach keeps things simple and allows snippets to be used as templates, with the actual post contents being replaced in the “pasted” snippet content after the template snippet is inserted. In such a situation, even if it was possible, having snippets update old posts when changing them would be incredibly complex because there’s there’s unlimited ways the snippet could have been used.

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@Leepish - @Kevin has provided guidance for an alternative method to achieve what you are describing: