Social Sign On for Ghost (now in open beta!)

I’ve got social sign-ins (and sign-ups) for Ghost sites working! LinkedIn and Amazon work right now, and Google and Facebook are in the works, I’m just waiting on a more complicated app approval process to go through. You can see it here:

Or click the links for yourself here:

My only big regret is that I have no way to get the profile image in, because those have to go into gravatar…

(Sorry the video is a little jerky - my computer was struggling to record AND have 20+ tabs open… might be time for a reboot.)


This is amazing! Well done :partying_face:

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Wow, a cool feature. Do you plan to release a plug-in integration? Or you just do that via Ghost’s and Social Platform’s Public API?

yeah, this is cool but I’d love to know “how” it was done more so than just seeing a demo.

Logging into ghost via any of the Identity providers (Google, amazon, github etc) is really a critical feature that was missed in Ghost. It’d be nice to be able just integrate with any idp like auth0 and such.

Pretty cool stuff! I see a FB option, will that include Instagram slash Metaverse?

@csgeek , it uses a separate cloud function to handle authentication (Oauth2 mostly) with the social providers and then generate a login link with Ghost, that it redirects to.

@EOBSL , Instagram looks to be possible as well.

My current plan is to offer it as a modestly priced subscription (and free for small sites), with the option to use Spectral Web Services’ registrations with the social providers or to white label (but with the need to jump a bunch of hoops with each provider). Hoping to have the first option available later this week.

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Social Sign On is ready for any beta testers and early adopters! No paid plan needed for modestly-sized sites. :slight_smile:

Feedback welcome!


Super useful @Cathy_Sarisky :heart: I will integrate your service to my coming theme.


Sounds great! If you had the site ID key as a field in the admin panel, it’d be really easy to generate the links :).


I am looking forward to the email digest feature as well :+1: and It would be great if you had affiliate partner program as well.


I need some paying sign-ups before I’ll be ready to think about that. :)

Digests are definitely on the list, but I’ve gotten distracted with building forms today:

Yep, that’s a drag-and-drop form builder, and that ‘save’ button is going to send it over to Ghost. I already handle my own site’s contact form submissions, so from there it’s a short hop to a really user-friendly contact form. The market’s crowded for contact forms, but a contact form that automagically appears in Ghost? I don’t see a lot of competition there, and my cost estimates are way under what the current form integration providers charge.


This looks interesting :+1:

@Cathy_Sarisky Thanks for this🥳

I’ve just tested it on your website and it works perfectly — quick too.

Whilst I’m here, a big shout out to your excellent website.

I found it really easy to learn about the wide variety of Ghost support services you provide.

Anybody reading this: Highly Recomended!

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Aw thanks! I’m still doing some post-move reorganization, but glad you found it helpful!

Ghost released the landing pages upgrade the morning I sat down to set it up, so I had some fun playing around with the new capabilities!

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