[SOLVED] Ghost(Pro): Embarassing - can't figure out how to remove a 3rd party integration for commenting

Hi there, so this project sat around for awhile. Now I would like to remove an integration for commenting called jaycomments. After all this time I can’t for the sake of it figure out how I’ve implemented it in the first place; there is no code injection neither in header nor footer. Commenting is completely disabled in the Ghost dashboard. Can’t figure it out. Do you have perhaps an idea? Here’s a post with said commenting integration at the end of the article (work in progress):


Any kind of idea welcome! Best, Michael

Have you checked the “code injections” in settings? This is where I would assume something like this has been put.

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Yes, nothing there. Using it for other small things but this one isn’t there oddly enough. Thanks for the reply!

Hm, then the only other place I could think of is the theme itself. Any chance that has been adapted?

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Ok noted that the theme name has a custom appendix which could have only been added by myself so I guess I have to look there, that’s likely it. Will investigate later. Thank you!

Edit: Found it, thank you!

Best, Michael

Argh, looks I got ahead of myself by tagging this with [SOLVED]. I’ve removed this section in post.hbs and reuploaded the theme but for whatever reason the comment sections seems to stay put (even after deleting cookies and having a look on mobile too). Not sure what’s going on, haven’t found another reference to it so far.

Is that vscode? Use the search function on the left menu to search for ‘jaycomment’. :)

I also can’t tell you how many times I’ve uploaded the wrong zip file, or not gotten the theme I uploaded activated, so it’s probably worth rechecking that, too…


Heell yes, now it seems to be working. Thank you guys so much <3

For other lost rusty, uhm, “devs” outthere, what I did with the help of the commenters in here is this:

  • Go to Settings - Design & Branding - Customize

At the very right bottom, click what looks like its greyed out; the option to change the theme. After this you’ll have the option on the upper right to click on “Installed”. Click on the three dots on the right to Download your current theme. Unzip it.

In the editor of your choice, in my case VS (Visual Studio Code), go on the upper left to

  • File - Open Folder

Open the unzipped theme folder. Now go to

  • Edit - Find in Files

Type in what you’re looking for, in my case it was the name of the comment plugin, so “jaycomment”.

In case you’re not sure what you should be looking for, visit your site in Chrome (or the browser of your choice) right click the section that you’d like to know more about and chose “Inspect” in Chrome. Click through the divs until you recognize the keyword you’ll likely need for your usecase. Use that with “Find in Files” in VS.

Work away, delete/edit those sections that VS has found for you. Now you’re close, but not quite done yet.

Go back to your unzipped theme folder and unzip the embedded zip file Ghost_Headline (name of my theme, yours may vary obviously). Do the exact same thing for this folder.

After everything is saved, rezip the Ghost_Headline folder and delete the unzipped one. Now go one up in the folder hierarchy and rezip the entire theme folder. Upload this file as your new theme. Activate. Done.