[solved] Mailgun has changed "pay as you go" offer - how to send cheap emails with Mailgun

Thank you @Cathy_Sarisky here is the downgrade guide: https://help.mailgun.com/hc/en-us/articles/9790737438747-How-Do-I-Downgrade-My-Account-

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I want to update this to make it a little more clear as to what I did.

When creating an account at Mailgun, you will be required to upgrade to a trial, which lasts for 30 days. You will need to link your payment card to proceed.

It is only after this, and a few days of using it, that you can now proceed with unsubscribing from that.

In other words: put your card in, set it up, send some mail, try it out, check that email sending works and all that jazz - and after that only then downgrade.

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Thank you! I wish their pricing model wasn’t so deceptive, they hide the “flex mode” :frowning:

Geez. That they hide this option behind Unsubscribe is next level lowlife. Yeah, we definitely need an alternative.


Get your facts right. Search for “mailgun payg” and this is the top result.

Hardly hidden … it’s always a good idea to read the documentation first.

It’s not available anywhere in the UI without signing up for a paid account first and then downgrading, which isn’t obvious anywhere. My apologies for not reading the entire Mailgun site first.

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You are repeating yourself; please don’t cross post.

If you jump in without reading the documentation here and on the Mailgun site first, it’s unsurprising you misunderstood what’s available.

Seems that this recipe doesn’t work anymore. Although one still can google the link above with “mailgun payg”, it now leads to nowhere.

As far as I understand, Mailgun now has two separate plan groups called “Send” and “Optimize”. The latter costs $35/mo with a 30-day trial, but it covers only mail optimization stuff (AB tests or so, if I understand right). The former regulates your abilities to send emails, and it has no trial plan, you need to pay $15 upfront. Without a subscription to paid “Send” plan you can only send messages to up to 5 test addresses which you first need to manually approve (it sends a confirmation email to them, one needs to click the link in the email to approve).

If I completely misunderstood stuff and there’s still an option to get PAYG plan, please give me a tip how to do that.

UPD Okay, seems that Mailgun still sends emails to arbitrary addresses for me, not only to addresses manually added and confirmed. But all that (two groups of plans, PAYG help page disappearence) looks suspicious…

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Yeah, just tried this out and it’s indeed no longer possible to pay as you go. You gotta prepay their services using one of their monthly subscriptions. I can’t even use a free trial, it just tries to prorate the subscription for the rest of the month.

I guess they just noticed that both Ghost and Substack recommend or use their service and realized they didn’t have to offer any options lol.

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Same here, at the very least you need to upfront pay once, would be interested to see if you can downgrade still after that? If not it appears Mailgun is not an option anymore then.

When I made my account, there was a need to pay. What I did: I registered at the end of the month, to pay only proportionally to the remaining period of the month, then I downgraded. This way, I didn’t have to pay for the entire month, just the remaining days of the month.