Some absurd doubts


I’m new to ghost, I’m using the latest version of ghost in Digital Ocean under Ubuntu.

I have imported some publications from an old wordpress blog. It hasn’t been easy… but here they are, now I have to repair them. (domain:

some doubts:

  1. Where is the sitemap path?
  2. How can I create a cookie warning?
  3. How can I import all the images quickly and easily? (I’m a beginner)
  4. Is there a “table of contents” plugin?
  5. How do I activate the comments at the end of the publications?
  6. Can I use adesense? How?

Thank you, Jose

1 - sitemap are in
3 - ghost not have an entity in db where image are referenced, you only need upload to a folder, ghost/content/images/ by default and ghost will serve them in correlated folder as path or url.
4 - ghostjs not have plugins as wp, have some integrations, if you see in official site, the integrations are only tutorials that in resume you will add one script tag in code injection and create custom html cards in middle of post content.
6 - yes, only need edit the theme. in content/thems/{your-theme}

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according your robots.txt

your sitemap are here


Thanks a lot mate :slight_smile:

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