My Ghost blog!.. but i wish for better Discourse integration and better images handling

i opened my Ghost blog that is mess for now, but i will fix it on time!!
it is here:

my three major major issues are

  1. no images thumbnails creation; thats seriously a bummer :(((
  2. not an obvious way to integrate Discourse comments on posts; for example i need to insert on Ghost DB how many comments a post has, so i can create “recommended” posts
  3. not an obvious way to count page views and link clicks. again that is super useful for creating recommended posts, and also as author i want to be able to see my page and links hits (thats not Google analytics job, and isnt important to get super accurate data)

for the last two issues, i cant see a plugin system on Ghost documentation so i can at least implement them my self, w/o hacking core

for the first issue pretty please, prioritize it somehow! it is very critical; it makes Ghost slowest blog platform ever, and it gives a very bad user experience to blogs that need to use lots of images; technically is not even possible to make posts w lots of images :(((

other than those, all the rest seems good so far! i just hope it will prove reliable on time, with updates, backups, security etc!!

Every single one of those is clearly documented and easy to find with a single search of the docs. Please follow the community guidelines when posting here.

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