Some posts are not shown after restoring db/content

update: it was my fault, was posting pages instead of posts

Hi guys,

I’m self-hosting a ghost blog where i made daily db and content backups.

Some days ago, my server crashed, so I recreated my containers (i’m using docker) and restored both the db and the “content/” folder.

While some data is shown (older posts, theme, etc), some other don’t.
I can’t see a lot of posts.

I checked the DB and all my posts are there, also the new files created in “content/” as well.

Am i missing something? Maybe a date-time configuration? (my posts are in spanish, so the date-time format is dd/mm/yyyy).

Please let me know if you need any further details, including my db content which is not a secret.


Is this maybe a difference in routing? When you restored, did you restore routes.yaml? I’m wondering if maybe those posts exist but aren’t getting routed correctly…

Hey Cathy, thanks for your answer!

After checking the db a little longer I found out that the issue was entirely my fault. I posted pages instead of posts.

i’m editing my OP for clarity