Some thoughts about a dialogue feature, but in a Ghost way

Over the past years, I published quite a lot of my stuff on Medium. Whether you like the platform or not, one feature is phenomenally helpful to initiate a conversation and to expand one’s own views. Furthermore, this feature was very well implemented: comments.

I recently switched to Ghost Pro and I’ve never felt that I was missing anything. Except (BIG except) something like commenting on Medium.

I’m thinking of some kind of comment/dialogue feature on a blog post-basis (no, not another commenting tool like Cove or Disqus, etc.) – more of linked-in visibility for posts on other blogs running Ghost, that reference my post. A mixture of Webmention and Medium comments. THIS would be beyond sick!

Yesterday, I had the urge to answer some talented Ghost developer and this was the very moment when I remembered the one tiny, yet the big thing that I miss so much.

@John, is something like this in pipeline?

Let’s collect some thoughts on this. What do you guys think?