Sort post by the template that they are set to

I love Ghost but -in my opinion-, even if the goal is to keep the panel light and focus on the content writing, it sometimes lacks few basic options.

There’s one in particular that -I think- doesn’t even need an update to be performed : unreferenced publications. That goes along with being able to condition any wanted page’s access with a password of it’s own -and not the whole site. Still, the solutions that I’m willing to try are not what we could call “clean” but nevermind.

The fisrt issue could be solved by creating a special tag. Say “unreferenced” and filtering your posts in the theme’s code. But I don’t like that. You’d have to filter tags’ display in the footer of your articles as well, you’d have to type it everytime and it would get in the middle of your real tags, in the panel. Instead of that, I’d like to make a custom template named “unreferenced”, so you’d just have to select it in the sidebar when needed. However, I’m new to handlebars and to ghost in general and I didn’t find THAT filter. I saw filters for tags but not for the templates. Is it doable ?

The second one is a mean to allow setting a general password -rather than individual ones like I’d have liked- by creating a htaccess file filtering access based on a keyword figuring in the canonical url. Say, you’d have to put “protected” in your custom URL and then the htaccess would prompt you and ask a password. That’s quite ugly, though. Maybe you’d be able to make a very basic batch software that would let me add individual passwords. Let’s imagine that there’s still a general password linked to the keyword “password” but also I’d be able to define individual password by customizing the aimed article’s url to make it short and simple. If I want to only let Aimee read this article, I’d change the article’s url to “aimee” and then my little run my little batch that’d ask me the url of the article which I want to protect and then the password that I want to set for it. That gets a bit tricky and dirty. I mean, it’s not dramatically dirty but when you stack tons and tons of little adjustments like this one… it ends up being.

Anyways, most of that post was me getting a lil’ bit off topic, not being able to retain my will to share my small ideas / tricks but I do have a main question related to themes that I’m looking to answer with your help and it’s simply : how to filter posts by template ? is it even possible ?