Password protected posts

is there anyway to password protect posts?
i want to show my clients their images in order to confirm the work, I need to post their image & get them a link with a password to access it. is it possible inside ghost?

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And here:

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I saw them before post here, I want to only password protect specific posts not the entire site.

Hmmmm… nothing native in Ghost because there would not be a widespread utility for such functionality, but if you’re good with code, you can roll something like this.

With Ghost Members, you can authorize the viewing of a post based on affiliation (e.g., member, paid, free, etc.). I don’t see why that can’t be reversed engineered to use the password protect functionality instead. It’ll be a bit of imagination, time, and programming.

If you need something more expedient, you can simply use the aforementioned Ghost Members feature, like:

  1. Implement a Ghost Members “free” tier.
  2. Create a post w/ images and designate it as member only using
    ‘post access levels’.
  3. Have the client sign up via email to view that particular post.

Success! That may be the simplest way of doing it.

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Thanks for suggestion, I should think about this.
As I currently run my graphic design / photography studio site on Ghost, I prefer to have this function also in my own site & don’t use 3rd party systems.

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