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Hey. At the beginning I will write that I work in an organization for people addicted to the seku and we decided to write a blog with tips for people struggling with this problem. The choice fell on Ghost CMS because it is beautiful and simple. To the point.

website address:
Ghost version: 2.20
browser: Google Chrome
VPS server (VPS SDD 1):
System on VPS: Ubuntu Server 18.04 LTS
Free Gateway SSL certificate installed (
Skin: NURUI (marketplace)

And now I have questions.

  1. Ghost installation according to the guide is clear to me with one thing. You must provide the server IP to the domain to record A. Only me installing this certificate changed the A and AAA record for the IP of the certificate. Will it work?

  2. As for the Ghost itself, I have a question about the dimensions of the graphics has a photo in the background and a logo, and what dimensions should other photographs have?

  3. What files, directories on the server are best to copy to make a full Ghost backup?

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