SSO and/or LDAP login for Ghost?


My team and I are currently looking into Ghost and we planned out most of the implementation and deployment – great docs for these by the way.

I was curious to see how other users are handling SSO and/or LDAP authentication, as we are in a heavily restricted VPC and adding in users locally would be a non-starter for our security review.

I see a FR here:, as well as a post here Third party Single Sign On (SSO) and Auth via LDAP or OAuth , and it seems like not much discussion have been brought up for this.

What it comes down to, it seems as though my options are:

  1. Put an LDAP auth guard behind ghost or
  2. Write out our own SSO integration into the codebase

I’m asking to see if the community has something already that I can look into and work off of, or if there are plans/timelines for SSO integration , or has another direction I can go into the rabbit hole of in terms of getting/developing a solution for this.


Hey! It looks like the direction we’re going to do is to build the solution ourselves.

It looks like SSO and such are only available on their top tier plans, which is unfortunate but expected.


Hi @AndrewLien,

Have you had any luck with implementing a custom SSO module in Ghost?
I was wondering if you guys, by any chance, plan to make the module open source.


I didn’t know that SSO login was available for the top tier plan.
I’m sorry to hear that a feature has been implemented and has not been made open source.
Maybe it’s just a matter of time.

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