Staff Profile Editing (Admin Page)

Hello all!

I am trying to change the profile picture for Staff (users) of my blog through the admin panel.

This seems to be doable via Manage > Staff and selecting the particular staff number you want to edit.

When clicking over the default avatar, you’re given the option to edit such picture; however, everytime I try uploading a new picture I do get a corrupt file within the preview:

I’ve tried different filetypes (.png, .jpg) and different filesizes, can’t really pin-point what the issue is.

I couldn’t locate any literature on this matter so your help will be much appreciated!

Many thanks in advance.

Can you share the console log screenshot?

I think I found where the issue was…

I’m using UBlock, HTTPS Everywhere, Ghostery, Decentraleyes, and Cookie-Autodelete as Firefox add-ons.

I’ve found one of them may actually be messing with uploading pictures as I have had issues with my twitter profile as well. In fact, I logged in using another browser where these addons are not installed and I was able to change the avatar without a problem.

I can’t actually think which of these add-ons is causing it though and it’s rather frustrating!

Thanks for your willigness to help anyhow.

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