Static home page alignment different from other pages

I used this forum post to use a static page as the home page for my website

But after uploading the adjusted Theme, my homepage is aligned all to the left instead of centered like all othere pages. What am I doing wrong?

My home.hbs looks like this:

{{!< default}}


{{> post-header }} {{ content }}


Its because of the html markup is not same as your other pages… quick fix is to add kg-canvas class

Your current codes

<article class="c-post page ">
  <header class="post-header">
        <h2 class="post-title">
            <a class="post-title-link" href="/home/">Home</a>
  <section class="c-content">
    <p>This is a great page</p>

Now add kg-canvas class to aricle Like below

<article class="c-post page kg-canvas ">

It will be centered aligned

Thanks for your help! kg-canca did the trick!

You are welcome!