Static page not working

I am running into an issue creating a static home page. I have created a home.hbs which looks like this:

> {{!< default}}
>     {{#page}}
>     <article class='c-{{ post_class }}'>
>       {{> post-header }}
>       <section class='c-content'>
>         {{ content }}
>       </section>
>     </article>
>     {{/page}}

I have edit the yaml file like this:

> routes:
>   /signup/: members/signup
>   /signin/: members/signin
>   /account/: members/account
>   /:
>     data: page.home
>     template: home
> collections:
>   /:
>     permalink: /{slug}/
>     template: index
> taxonomies:
>   tag: /tag/{slug}/
>   author: /author/{slug}/

I have created a page in ghost with the slug home. Also I am running and testing locally.
I have try lots of things. It seems to be routing correctly. Because when I type in the URL local/home it takes me to local/.

It appears that the problem exists in the home.hbs not pulling the content from the created page in ghost.

Thanks for you help


Hey Robert, try replacing {{#page}} and {{/page}} with {{#post}} {{/post}}. You can read more about the page context data here.

Thanks for the quick reply.

I have tried this but it did not work

Hey Robert - I was experiencing the same problem until I realized that the Home page I created with the home slug wasn’t a Page at all … it was a Post. Once I realized my mistake, I was able to access all page content within the {#page} ... {/page} tag in home.hbs. Hope this helps.