Stripe Alternative

Has anyone had success with a stripe alternative?

I can’t use stripe and I am in need of an alternate solution. I don’t know why Ghost has integrated so deeply with Stripe.

If anyone has any options or resources available please share them.

Why can’t you use Stripe?

They’ve closed our account multiple times in the past.

Sorry to hear, but also sorry to say, normally one have done something wrong (whether intentionally or not) if one is shutdown from a payment provider.

Yes, we don’t quite align with their policies but they’re unwilling to guide us on where.

I’m afraid but Stripe is one of the easiest to handle gateways, but as you have experienced, it is a general purpose one though.

It is quite hard to suggest without knowing specifics. Generally speaking there are plenty of gateways. Just a few Googled are below. It’s always horses for courses indeed.

Some of these may be restricted to certain geographical regions too. But you will figure it out as it is an obvious one in the payment processing. So I’ll just list here:

PayPal Account | Mobile Wallet and More | PayPal AU

Braintree | Online Payment Solutions and Global Payment Processor

2Checkout: Online Payment Processing | Modern Commerce. Simplified.

Enjoy Ghost!

A few others I found…

Online Payments Platform | Payment Gateway | Eway Australia

Payment processing: Accept payments anywhere |

Adyen Payment & Ecommerce Solutions | Adyen Australia - Adyen

Payment Gateway for Platforms | WePay, a Chase Company

Local Payment Gateway Provider - Amazon Payment Services

Get more time to pay – How does it work? | Klarna Australia

Payment Processing & Card Machines | Worldpay

Payment Checkout Solution for Businesses | Payoneer

Not sure suitability for Ghost etc though…

No, none of them are suitable for Ghost. Ghost only integrates with Stripe natively:

Partly true. According to the FAQ there seems only PayPal and Patreon are allowed. Not even Stripe!!

Humm… interesting…

Well, Stripe is there in the Main documentation. So does the Google Pay and Apple Pay.

No, fully true. Just click the link I posted:

Stripe is the only natively supported payment provider with Ghost.

With the API, webhooks, and other methods you can add whatever payment provider you want, but it will not be natively integrated in Ghost.

because stripe does not allow account in some countries

I can’t use Stripe because it does not support the “individual account” type for my country. Buymeacoffee can be considered as the easiest approach( this one is also using Stripe behind the scenes but it worked for me), but after going through the document and source code I see currently it is needed to do a lot of customization to integrate Buymeacoffee into Ghost.
I plan to write a simple hook service to handle events from Buymeacoffee and access to Ghost’s database directly to update tables related to posts, products, subscriptions, etc. May also need to adjust some logics from the front end. The workload can be quite huge.

Anyone can give me an advice on this? Should I find another solution? I like Ghost but without payment it can’t