Are there any plans for PayPal API integration?

Are there any plans for offering PayPal as a Stripe alternative but have direct API integration that does not rely on Zapier or bolted on PayPal subscription buttons? I would love to see PayPal natively and seamlessly integrated into Ghost at the level that Stripe currently is integrated.

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I am seeing this on the new beta additional payment methods on Ghost website, but won’t be near my cpu for a few days to see if this is a new functionality. If it is, all of us just got a massive boost in revenue. I want PayPal as a built in reoccurring subscription option so bad for my customers. I get several emails per month asking if we accept PayPal and it’s so hard for me to tell them no, but I have to due to the amount of work and payment management it would require since it doesn’t integrate. I don’t want to have to build
Out full functionality.

But check out this page on Ghost website

@The_Jetsetter_Cheap Please don’t spam multiple topics with the same question. I’ve responded here Want to use both Stripe + Paypal both payment method together - #4 by Kevin