Stripe Issues with Membership

Anyone having issues with members and stripe payment. Everything seems to work, apart from 50% users are added to my stripe account as a customer without any payment details. Any suggestions?


I see similar stuff, but I’ve inferred that those are the people who go to the payment page, and sometimes even enter the details but for some reason, the payment fails.

Take a peek into the stripe error log and filter it to 420 error codes. You should be able to see them there and why the payment is failing.

From what I can see there are no payment issues or errors.
From my understanding the final HTTP POST for payment is between the client and strip directly. The other 2 webhook POSTS are successful and look correct.

Some more updates based on further investigation:

  • so far out of 10 members I have 5 that have not had their payment details added to stripe.
  • I can see that the last webhook for the payment gateway is performed directly from the client to stripe.
  • Ive tested using the test stripe API, using a new member, a existing member and also trying via google pay. all of which work fine.

As it stands it would be great to know if anyone else is having issues.
Also if you are using the membership feature without issues what Ghost versions are you running.

Many Thanks,

Would this explain what you’re seeing? Stripe customer created, even without a subscription - #2 by egg

Stripe customers are not a 1:1 mapping to paying members.

I’m also having issues here @rickdonato with the membership payment as well because of a failed endpoint on the Ghost side, but haven’t been able to figure it out. Not sure if it’s directly related but I’ve seen that customers get created fine on subscription like you indicated. But never get the chance to enter payment information when they Click on a payment option.

Was running Ghost version 3.39.0 but recently upgraded to the latest i think 3.40.2

Any thoughts?

I outlined the issue in more detail here:

Thanks. Yep after testing some more. It seems users are added to Stripe at the point they are logged in and go to the checkout. So no issues on my side

I would check via test endpoints. Feel free to create a seperate thread and I’ll respond some more on that

I notice similar things, however I’ve deduced that they are the folks that get to the checkout page, occasionally even submit their information, but the payment fails for some reason.

Look through the stripe error log and narrow it down to the 420 error codes. You should be able to see them and figure out why the payment isn’t going through.