Does ghost suspend FAILED payments in Stripe?

I’ve just noticed people who have subscriptions whose payments have failed, but they still have full access to the platform. Does ghost not suspend accounts with failed payments?

I believe they should be getting demoted to free members.

(We should take a look - could be a problem with your integration? Do you know where the subscription originated?)

In this case the sub originated on platform (though I did hire an amazing coder to make sure Ghost wouldn’t know the diff)

-laughs- well, she might have missed an edge case. :)

I peeked at your Stripe. Most of what I’m seeing looks fine. There are a couple of failed subscription payments in the last couple days that are still active on Ghost, but they’re within the window where Stripe is still retrying. Stripe makes multiple attempts to renew before it cancels, so I wouldn’t conclude that there’s a problem unless you’re looking at payment failures that are 2+ weeks old and no longer marked as “retrying”, but the subscription is still live in Ghost.

You can read about the behavior here: How subscriptions work | Stripe Documentation - if you want shorter retries, you could follow the link to change the behavior. Personally, my thinking is that if someone’s been paying me reliably for months and briefly has a problem, I’d rather give it a few weeks to see if they can get it sorted out before I cancel their account and maybe lose them as a customer.

I’m having the same issue. Members with failed payments just continue to have an active subscription in Ghost. Once the 3 retries of a payment failed, the subscription still continues.

What is very strange: I have set stripe to cancel subscriptions with failed payments:

However, it seems like the subscription continues in Stripe just having that status “overdue”

Maybe that’s the problem?!
I will contact Stripe and ask them why the setting is not working here.

Is this the same in your case @JD_Roberto ?

The Webhook for cancelled subscriptions seem to work fine. Once a member cancels regularly, Ghost demotes the user to the free plan.