Stripe Key not saving or connecting


Managed to get Stripe to work on FreeBSD, and I am now migrating from Substack.

I was trying to connect to Stripe and every time I put in the key and try to save, I get the following error.

Invalid secure key

If I try to connect to Stripe, it shoots this error

{“errors”:[{“message”:“Request made from incorrect origin. Expected ‘’ received ‘’.”,“context”:null,“type”:“BadRequestError”,“details”:null,“property”:null,“help”:null,“code”:null,“id”:“041873a0-2ed0-11ed-af37-47e61cd9db38”,“ghostErrorCode”:null}]}

I’m unsure of what to do past this point. What am I missing?


It looks like your site url is configured as, while you’re using it on https://your. Site. You probably want to update the site URL, and add a www -> primary redirect, or the opposite (primary -> www redirect, no change to Ghost).

If you make any config changes to Ghost, don’t forget to restart!


Oh, I can’t believe I missed that.