Editing Portal style with Code Injection


I’m using the Casper theme.

So far I’ve been able to tweak some basic style settings with Code Injection.

Unfortunately I didn’t manage to change simple style settings such as background color for the Portal pop-up.

Is it possible to do this via Code Injection ? I’m using a dark theme and the white pop-up is not ideal.

Thanks for your help.

I assume it’s not possible?

If you’re self hosting, it’s possible. If you’re on Ghost Pro, it’s not currently.

I’m self-hosting, is there any documentation available?

Not a full tutorial, but some notes from when I did something similar:

What’s not described there is how to fork the Portal code. It’s now in the monorepo, here: Ghost/ghost/portal at main · TryGhost/Ghost · GitHub . I haven’t seen good docs on how to do that. (Yes, I am a git/github newb. It’s an area I need to improve in, for sure!)

(For anyone thinking about using the build linked above, I haven’t rebuilt with the latest portal changes yet.)

I can’t thank you enough for this :pray:

Let’s see if I can tweak this on my theme!