Subscribe doesn't work when SSL is enabled

I’ve been trying to troubleshoot and member signup/login issue for most of the last 24 hours. I am on 3.24 and Transactional email(through mailgun) is working. The subscribe/login member email boxes just spin and spin and nothing happens. I have checked the logs and there is nothing there. I have run ghost doctor and there aren’t any issues.

Through a lot of experimentation with different domains and installs, I was able to figure out that when SSL is not enabled, it works as it should. When SSL is enabled, the email buttons just spin. There is something about enabling SSL that borks up the subscribe/login member email send.

I’m beginning to think that this is a bug?

And after more than 24 hours dealing with this issue, I was able to fix it.

How? I went into the config json file and changed the site address from http to https. I assume this is a bug in this. Don’t know if I should report it as a bug or not but wanted to put this here so anyone else searching for an answer can find it.

(It was user error on my part, I think. :slight_smile: )

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