Subscribers can’t browse all the pages in my site

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Issue Summary

  • I made all of my webpages public. But subscribers can only see my about me page. When they click any other pages the website tell them to login. When they put their email ID it says user not found.
  • What did you expect to happen?
    I expected that anyone visiting my site should be able to see all of my pages with any restrictions or sign in recruitment

Steps to Reproduce

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  2. This is the second step, etc.

Setup information

Ghost Version
Ghost 5.0.

Node.js Version
Using GhostPro

How did you install Ghost?
I am using GhostPro

Provide details of your host & operating system
GhostPro, Windows10

Database type
MySQL 5.7 / MySQL 8 / SQLite 3 / Other

Browser & OS version
Google Chrome, Windows10

Relevant log / error output
Subscribers can’t browes all the page

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Thanks a lot. Just update the info. I just started my ghost pro 2 days back. Still new. Not sure about Database type. For OS I am using Windows10 but ocassionaly using IOS as well. Please ask me if you need any further info. Thanks a lot.

For Ghost Pro support you can email

Thanks I did already. May be they will comeback on monday. Was looking for a quick and solution. Thanks for your time

Could you link your site? And give a link to a page that isn’t working?

Are you confusing a page appearing on the navigation bar (which you control under settings>navigation) from being able to access it?

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