Suggestions to recommendations

I like the new recommendations feature and used it on my blog DJ Booga - it works fine.

I realised some limitations and I like to discuss these with you:

  1. The link you put in first will be the last to show if you add more to the list. It would be nice to have a manual sorting option. I’d fancy a random sorting too. :slight_smile: / update: I just found out it does exactly that by default :smiley:

  2. The modal shows only the 5 latest links before the “Show all” threshold comes in. Every click is work and I wished there would be none. Can you make the list as is long as it is and shows every item on it?

  3. The recommendation list lives in the portal modal / layover at the moment. It would be nice to have it as a widget too, so I could drop it on a page or post as well.

What do you think?

Great feedback!

On #1, yep, glad you found that. It is randomized on the frontend for readers.

2 / 3. In portal, we optimized for showing a number that wouldn’t be overwhelming – 5 felt right based on modal size – since some publishers have a lot of recommendations. That said, you can display all your recommendations anywhere in your theme (like on posts or pages) using the recommendations theme helper. A few themes, like the default theme (Source), already have this implemented if you want to see an example.