Recommendations and 1-click subscriptions

Hi everyone! Congrats to the Ghost team on the new Recommendations feature. It’s great to see that it’s based on the Webmention standard. In the announcement post, there’s this part about 1-click subscriptions:

Recommendations also make it possible for readers to subscribe to recommended publications with a single click. While this feature is currently exclusive to Ghost sites, we are eager to help other platforms in implementing this 1-click functionality.

I’d love to hear more about how this works. I’m the creator of and always interested in ways we can improve compatibility with Ghost.


Hey! Just heard you on 586: Micro.blogging with Manton Reece - ShopTalk. Great episode!

We’re excited to help platforms figure out how to implement this. DM sent!

For others, we have a high-level technical summary of the recommendations feature here:

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Great, thank you! Glad to hear you liked that episode, too!


It’s great that it was considered that a 1-click subscription is only possible if the other site does not have active terms that need to be accepted.