Supporting i18n in Casper


Hello Ghost team,

Is there a plan to support i18n in Casper itself? I’ll be glad to work on a PR if it’s the case.

I have a client who wants to have its site in French. So why not merge it directly in Casper.

Let me know. Cheers!

Translating and adjusting the default Casper theme

There is a World version of Casper, available here.


I did contribute to this very repo for the French CA version.

The question still remains. It would nice to have the official Casper to support it at the core. There are many forks that would benefit by having i18n by default.


Is there a specific reason why i18n is kept separated from the official theme? It is double maintenance and the merges from Casper each time the theme is updated are always taking forever to be pulled.



Same here, I was about to fill an issue on Github, I ended up here and found WorldCasper, but I don’t understand why this isn’t included in Casper itslef.

Could you please tell us if there is a reason for that ?
I would gladly try to contribute as well if you plan on adding this feature to Casper.


Edit: I’m just looking for the “translate feature”, like detailled here, with the locales directory, en.json file, and so on.
If there is no translation, it’s fine, but having the helper functionnal would really be awesome.