Table borders are barely visible

Hey @Kevin!
I’ve noticed that table borders are barely visible in 4.0:

Is it related to fixing “accent colors” you working on?

upd: nevermind, looks like they were the same in 3.0, but the table background was removed.

Compare this two.
The latter one (v3) has much better readabiliy.

I agree with you. In Ghost v3, the UI looks much nicer & stylish.

Space is far too large here compared with v3:

I don’t know about you guys, but the dashboard looks a little…strange? It’s too crowded.


Also I don’t see the reason behind hiding important settings like theme and design under the small cog on the bottom. Vertical space in the sidebar isn’t used anyways.


Agree with both above.

Putting the settings cog next to the account selector and dark mode toggle doesn’t make sense, as both of those are user settings, while the cog is a site-wide setting. Meanwhile all other site-wide settings are available on the sidebar. Clear information architecture is really needed for products like Ghost where users aren’t super knowledgable.

I also don’t know why they went from a perfectly fine dark mode dashboard theme in v3 that was very legible to one that is nearly pure black. Dark mode =/= black mode, the latter makes the UI less legible by introducing too much contrast, especially when presented alongside lighter content like images which is likely if you’re working in a CMS. Github made this mistake as well and they got a lot of negative feedback and eventually introduced a proper dark mode. MacOS’ dark mode doesn’t do this, they picked dark shades of grey that do the job of dark mode without introducing legibility issues.

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