Hey, I have created my first theme, feedback is appreciated!

Hi everyone, I hope all is well wherever you are!

I designed and developed my first Ghost blog theme, while building it I focused on simplicity, according to me the writer and the reader should be focused on the content, to be simple and clean, I named this theme “Mercury”.

Please, you can check the demo HERE.
I would appreciate and would love to know what are your thoughts about it, suggestions are welcome, etc. I might be giving it for free or sell it for a couple of bucks, let’s see.

P.S - if you need help with ghost theme development, let me know :slight_smile:

Thank you!


There is problem on Dark mode

Hey, thank you for writing in and for pointing that out :slight_smile:
Strange enough or not, but I do not experience the same:

Can you please tell me on which browser you get this, also which OS you use? The screenshot is from Chrome, but I checked on Firefox and Safari too, all is good.
Thank you very much!

Congrats on your first theme… The theme looks awesome. Great work. Cheers!


Great start…

First of all congratulations!! :clap:
I have seen the same issue in dark mode as mentioned by @ENAMUL_HAQUE
Please check your tag page and author page.