Table of Contents Tutorial for Casper Version 4 - Simplified

@ROY did you try the Official Tutorial? The provided CSS there adds sticky behavior…

Yes @denvergeeks I tried that. But the ToC appear on top of the related posts and footer at the end.

Is there a way to make the ToC appear after the featured image on a post and end as soon as the post end, i.e., before it gets to the related posts section?

Hi @denvergeeks You will find a screenshot here.

Thanks again.

Can you provide a link to a live post displaying the behavior?

Hi @denvergeeks, this is the post I was referring to.

Thank you :pray:t2:

@ROY If a TOC was important to my site, I would spend $69 and buy the Firma Theme which has my favorite behaviors for any TOC I’ve found.

Look at the TOC on this post on Eduardo’s Demo Site: A virtual company-wide hackathon is worth the investment

The sticky behavior works really well.

Also resize the window and look at that post on mobile – the TOC collapses nicely at the center top and is sticky as well.

(The Firma theme is also quite close to the theme you are currently using and would be easy to modify.)

It would cost more than $69 to pay someone to adapt your current TOC to behave how you want on your current theme.

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Hi @denvergeeks thanks for your message. The theme you suggested does look good, and ToC also looks amazing.

However, I’m on the Ghost(Pro) Starter plan, which means I will first have to upgrade to the creator plan (which costs almost 3 times the starter plan), and then buy any custom theme. This does not seem worth it for one feature.

I did not know this before joining @Ghost. Ghost does not allow any customization of themes if you’re not on the Creator plan or above.

I find it odd and sad that certain elements, e.g., ToC, social links (linkedin, instagram, etc), and social share buttons aren’t included as part of all themes.