Table of Contents Plus

Anyone tried using this TOC script with Ghost?

If not, I’m going to implement it on my Ghost this morning…

If anyone wants, I’ll tutorialize it for the community – let me know here.

Bro…check your inbox

OK it’s done – QUICK & DIRTY with a tutorial for installing:


As always, really interesting your contributions @denvergeeks. :fire: I will study it, for its possible implementation in a project I was preparing and as soon as I have it operational, I will share the result.

Thanks a million for moving forward. :surfing_man:

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Right on @Dreamsur :tulip:

Also @Dreamsur thank you for your kind words. It is encouraging to know that someone out there is noticing and enjoying my contributions. Helps me feel less alone here in my joyful little geek cave.

There is nothing to be grateful for, because we live in an ecosystem where people who think outside the box are valued little or nothing, but it is always important to value those people who take the initiative and want to change the rules.

Keep it up Jen, regardless of what they say or think, because the world needs more people to drive change and show interest in small details. :wink:


@Dreamsur Now I am even more grateful :tulip: :honeybee: :tulip:

@Dreamsur if you are not already subscribed, John’s blog is an inspiring source.

This tutorial leads to a 404 page