Terrible experiences with mailgun

I wish like hell that ghost had alternative integrations for mailing instead of just mailgun.

Did the trial. Trial ended and renewed. They billed me for continuing the service. Invoice paid immediately and transaction is through. Their invoicing system shows it as paid.

Then they block the service so I can’t send emails due to unpaid invoice. They include steps and links to first fix the payment method which is perfectly fine and worked and then to retry the invoice which I can’t since it is paid.

I contacted them to see if they can fix it. The only response I get was they have to send the ticket to another team and crickets.

So now it’s been a week that my multiple ghost sites are bricked for this ridiculously over priced service with tremendously bad customer service that I am paying for and not getting.

Can there please please please be a push for an alternative mailing provider instead of mailgun because at this point I’m kind of disgusted at their lack of service. I’m close to stopping payment through my bank at this point since they literally won’t respond after taking my money.

It has a generous free tier. Most websites are not going to need to send more than the free 1000 emails per month.

The pricing tiers are confusing though. There is a thread somewhere here on the Ghost forum that explains that you have to downgrade your account to the free tier after signing up if you don’t want to be charged. The free tier is hidden and only available via downgrading. Look for info on the “flex plan”.

Lol that was your only takeaway? That they offer a free tier you have to hunt around and fight for?

I wouldn’t mind paying if the service felt worth the price and they actually responded to the huge problem on their end.

Guessing you work for them?

@alarinel, looks to me like chillbilldill was telling you that there’s a free tier and how to get it. Why is your first thought that he works for them?

The Ghost dev team has said repeatedly that they’d be happy to have additional options for bulk email besides Mailgun, if someone would volunteer to write them. No one has stepped up. You’re using Ghost for free (because if you were paying the Ghost Pro folks for it, you wouldn’t be having to deal with Mailgun directly), which means you’ve probably spent exactly $0 to support the Ghost dev team. So it’s sort of a bad look to be complaining about it.

I self host. I had zero problems setting up Mailgun, and my newsletter goes out weekly with no problem. I did need to fuss a bit with their pricing options, which are weird, but this thread helped me. [solved] Mailgun has changed "pay as you go" offer - how to send cheap emails with Mailgun - #21

If you want to complain about Mailgun’s customer service, you maybe wanted the Mailgun forum. I’m pretty sure they aren’t reading this forum.

p.s. I don’t work for Mailgun OR Ghost. I work for myself.


I don’t disagree with anything you said I was really just venting my frustrations and requesting an alternative to mailgun considering how they have treated me for a full week.

For someone to immediately read my post and jump immediately on suggesting mailguns cheaper option just struck me as funny in a dark humor kind of way. My complaint wasn’t the price itself but rather the fact that I paid the price and they won’t even respond to the issue to say ‘we care about your business and intend to fix our glitch in a timely manner.’

I know that my frustration masked the attempt at it being a joke and I hope @chillbilldill.com didn’t take offense from it.

I’ve also had no issue with self hosting and definitely no issues with ghost at all. I actually originally planned to use ghost directly to host but needed to have access to the database in my own infrastructure that I already pay a ton for.

Sorry for venting here I was just trying to vent semi constructively by saying ‘this is why I wish we had alternatives.’ lol