Allow users to select labels on signup

Has anyone been able to achieve allowing users to select multiple labels on signup for better email segmentation?


Just adding my +1 to this as I desperately search for a way to do this. Otherwise, what’s the use of labels?

I had a little help from someone on here and managed to achieve this by adding labels as options on signup which you can see here.

However, I would love to see something like this become part of the Ghost Portal because like you say. what’s the point.



Perhaps this could help?

@Bert_O Thanks, this looks gorgeous, exactly what I’m looking for. Are members able to change their labels in their accounts later on? I have 1000+ already signed up members to whom I’d like to give the option too. And I’d like for this to show up as an option when people go to unsubscribe as well, to hopefully keep them onboard.

I don’t think that’s possible at the moment, Ghost only allows labels to be applied on signup but there is no way for the member to manage the labels themselves.

I too agree with your suggestions and I hope the Ghost team expand on this because I do think it could potentially reduce the number of unsubscribers.


Does Ghost Admin provide the option to include member labels in the sign-up form? Or does it have to be added with custom development?

Hi Bert_O, thanks for that info, that looks very good on your site. Was the help you had paid, or free? If it was not paid, are you able to share how you did this? I really like the flow of your signup portal!

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+1 for this.

I’ve sorted this out by sending the members to a form page after they subscribed, and then created a zap automation that detects new records in Airtable and automatically applies the labels in the member’s profile.

Would love a more native solution though! And specifically one that would segment the topics selected by free members, and topics selected by paid members, so when I’m sending the e-mail that only paid members should get under a certain label, it’s sent only to them not to the entire label (free+paid).

I built the option selections myself but I was just missing the onChange event which was causing me problems. Someone kindly highlighted that on the forums.

He also has a guide on how to put a form together on his website.

Would also like to +1 this. I want to give my members (free and paid) the ability to choose what perks they want when they sign up. BUT, I also want them to be able to change their minds later, if they decide they do or don’t want a given perk.

I’m sure there is a way to hand-code this, but if we’re going to have labels, and have them assigned at sign-up, then we need a way to let the user edit them later.