The images are not shown in the AMP post


Hello everyone,

I am building my AMP theme for ghost (v1.22.0) and everything is fine until I realized that some images are not transformed from <img> to <amp-img> and therefore these are not visible in the AMP version of the theme .

Try with the images of my PC as with unsplash. And the same thing happens, some images are visible and the <amp-img> tag is generated and in other occasions the tag does not exist.

I do not think that my code is wrong because I simply call the content, it’s not something complex:

<main class='post-wrapper u-wrap-center' role='main'>
       <article class = 'post'>

           {{! - Content of the post -}}
           <section class='post__content'>


Extra: I am using the AMP validator and it shows no errors.

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