Images are broken on AMP

Seems to be the same issue as AMP images in content seem to be broken, I’ve traced it back to the amperize library, which seems to be returning <img> tags that later get stripped by the sanitizer instead of <amp-img> tags.

I can reproduce this on the latest Ghost version with both the default amp template and a custom one.

Hey @m1guelpf :wave: Could you please provide some clear steps to reproduce this issue?

@m1guelpf can you provide the URL of the post where you are seeing missing images? It’s difficult to diagnose the problem with no information :wink:

as I described in my thread:

  1. run docker run -d --name some-ghost -e server__port=3001 -e url=http://localhost:3001 -p 3001:3001 ghost
  2. go to backand
  3. create new post
  4. upload image in post
  5. publish
  6. go to post url and add /amp
  7. watch the image in the content disappear

See message by @schliflo above

I’m facing this on a local install. I’ll share a URL once it’s deployed

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