The power of SSO: Ben Thompson's Passport

Ben Thompson, who runs Stratechery, one of the OG’s of membership-based sites, announced Passport.

It’s membership control software that, among other things, lets membership sites do single sign-in across apps, including Discourse and Spotify (with paid podcasts on Spotify without paying Spotify a cut).

Something like this on Ghost would be incredibly powerful. (Ben is stubbornly still on WordPress, bless his heart).

I realize SSO isn’t easy but it’s hard to look at Passport and not think that’s the future.

Thank you! Awesome resource

I agree there’s a lot of opportunity just in the auth and paywalling space…Ben thanks these 3 people: Jon Thies, Rob Rodriguez and to Daman Rangoola for building Passport…hope they will see this post next time they google themselves and be convinced to expand the product to Ghost

There’s a UK company called Zephr that raised an $8m Series A, focused just on paywalling…paywalling and auth deserves a lot of attention