The right TLD for the Site?

Hey there, Folks of the Ghost Community i‘m In need of some Advice / Direction / Help with the following Question:

Imagine you start a Website (can‘t decide if its a pure Blog or Journal or something else yet) where you will publish partly in your “native Tongue” in German and another Language like English ,what TLD would you choose for it to honor both Languages in the same Way?

I thought that it would be best, when i don’t pick .DE as a TLD because that suggest to me at least the whole Site is purely written in German. Of course i could use “Routes” then to create a Version for en/de within the Site but i don’t know if that’s the better way to go for.

A little bit of SEO is also in this Question about the TLD, i think.

Which one of the following would you prefer:


Maybe other Suggestions ?

Thank’s for your Time and maybe Participation. :wink:

I always default to the .com only because it is the easiest to remember!

I would prefer .com definitely

Thanks for the insight so far. :slightly_smiling_face:

But I thought that .com is widely know as a TLD for a Commercial Website.

I have a similar situation: I want to publish in German and English. (I am still setting up things, so nothing is live right now)

I decided to start in English, as I would not only have to publish blog entries in two languages, but also my pages (about, legal notice, …) and that’s a lot of work, if you want to be fast.

So currently I an using .com and will try later to redirect “” to “”, hoping that I will be able to route accordingly in my ghost instance. If that is not possible, I’ll have to stick to a single language or have to setup a second instance of ghost. Anyway, to come back to your question: I have .com AND .de

@Johan_Bouduin I had the same Idea as you first and after a little bit of thinking about the whole Thing the Question of this Topic came up. :face_with_monocle:

The Domain is already registered with .DE but that seems not right for the Task so at the Moment I tend to .BLOG as a TLD for my Project, even if this will cost more. :wink:


@mkonia thank you for your Participation at this Question of mine, very appreciated. :+1::slightly_smiling_face:

But could you maybe explain your Answer more in Detail, if possible because I’m curious. :grin:

because blogging is the subject, isn’t it?

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I wouldn’t buy two domains and split the content, I would get something more generic and add /en to the end. It’s better for SEO really

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@DavidDarnes thank you to for participating and the Insights about SEO. :+1:

So what you’re saying is, that it would be better in terms of SEO to choose “my” and then work with “Routes” for en/de with different Languages?!

That were my Thoughts too for a while but wasn’t sure in the end.

@mkonia you’re right it will be mostly blogging, it think at least. :wink::sweat_smile:

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Yep, that way all the content comes under one roof and the SEO for them will all contribute to the same thing

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We’re experimenting with internationalized domains on .com

Like this one https://шшш.com/

Despite Google saying they treat them just like others I don’t think they do, but we’ll find out soon.

Anyone else tried IDN’s with .com ?

Thanks for the Insight of yours.

What’s that WWW Type?

It’s Cyrillic. It can be tricky finding a combination of characters that browsers will render as intended so if you’re planning on doing it I recommend testing them using a subdomain before registering.

Chrome and Firefox are pretty good at rendering, but Microsoft’s browsers aren’t, they don’t like IDN’s.

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@www Ah, thank you for the Explanation. :+1:

I finished my thinking about the right TLD and it’s a .blog now for my Project. :slightly_smiling_face: