Multiple instances of ghost or just one

Hey Ghost Community,

I have read of few threads here and there about, multi-language Ghost, multiple instances of Ghost on the same server or one Ghost with multiple frontend, but I am not sure which way to go for my project.
I also went through the tutorials and documentation.

Ideally, I would like to use Ghost for backend and frontend.

My project is to have a site supporting 2 languages, both for content and structure (Theme).
I know using routes and private tags it is possible to achieve that with /{slug} or /de/{slug} but the theme stays in the default language whether you are on en or de. And yes the theme is translatable with {{t Markups}} and languages files.

The schema of the site is:

  • domain[.]com (Default site in English)
  • domain[.]com/de/ (Content in another language, like German for example)

I want the theme to be in German on the /de/ path and in English for the default one.
I want to have only one user and member database as well. So if someone registers on the default site he can log in on the German one.

I do not necessarily mind having 2 admin panels to write the articles, but if I can use only one it’s ok as well. And writers registered on the English one should be able to log on the German one as well.

So which way should I go?

Thank you for your help :slight_smile:

If I run two instances of Ghost, one on domain[.]com and the other on domain[.]com/de/ can I link the user/member database between the two using Zappier?

This way if a member registers on either side it would be automatically sync on both instances?

Hi @WatsonJH,
I read your problem and requirements. It will be one database. Just you can change your language using routes.yaml

If you go to domain[.]com/de/ your site and content will be on German site.
If any user subsribe to your site or you add a member, he will get only one dashboard.

I developed a multilanguage site here. You can check:

Please let me know if you have any question.



Thanks for your reply.
I tried the route.yaml way and it works to display posts based on specific internal tags. But the theme stays in English, with β€œRead more” links and many other things instead of loading the German language file. Also the menu is also in English with references to the English site.
I already use both primary and secondary menu, so I cannot dedicated one to a specific language.

As we want 2 version language for our site but there are some of difficulties to show all of the text translation. If you can send your theme file, I can test on my server.

I use Mapache.

I will check tomorrow and let you know

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Were you able to find something? I tried following a couple threads here on the forum, but I always end up with Route option, which I am OK with to display posts in a language or the other one, but I cannot figure out how to have the Theme load in the proper language based on the post language.