Theme conversion

Hello everyone I am new to the game and Ghost!

I am attracted to how the platform handles memberships, newsletters and newsletter opt-in preferences, compared with WordPress. I am fairly confident that Ghost will be the best way forward for my new startup’s website.

So I have heavily edited a theme on Wordpress to the standard I want it to be.

Is there a way to make the same theme on Ghost? Or is there a way to create a theme without much coding? I am a newbie when it comes to coding, just the basics to be able to add things here and there.

Also, would you go for a self-hosted Ghost or the online option?

Try this: Ghost Themes - The Marketplace


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Ghost themes use handlebars to write out html.

You certainly can replicate any current html page, but it’s probably a total rewrite.

Hello, thanks for this answer, do you know how much something like this would cost? And where can I find ghost developers?