Theme customization in admin dashboard

Hey guys,

Since there’s already some customization in the admin dashboard’s Design tab (e.g. font, color …), I was just thinking if this could be extended to some more features of a theme. An idea could be something like the theme/layout customization on Blogger.

Some feature like an option for sidebar (on/off), on the admin dashboard. And probably the more commonly used ones which could be useful customization without touching the code for non-coders.

What do you think / what are you thoughts on this possibly? If not too technically complex, I hope this could also be considered some time some day.


This is already possible :slightly_smiling_face: - How to use custom settings in Ghost themes - Developer docs.

The main limitation is that custom theme settings are limited in number (15) by design - covered in Guidelines for theme developers

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Ah I see! Thank you :upside_down_face: