Ghost's New Site Design Options/Features

Both Newsfeed and Pidkast themes are leading the way for Ghost Theme Builders in terms of Ghost’s new Site Design section in the site Admin area, and I continue to find that the developer is both conscientious and responsive to me as a customer.

As someone who is a non-coder I am constantly testing and tweaking all of the Ghost themes I can find (both old/classic ones and shiny new ones) for both utility and simplicity beyond the most “minimal” themes.

It seems to me that in the early days of Ghost more theme makers were innovating with their designs, but that since that time the Ghost ecosystem/marketplace must have evolved to be more sustainable for the “Minimal” themes.

With site admins increasingly considering migrating from Wordpress to Ghost, I am so happy to see this new Site Design feature set (along with all of the new Cards recently built into the editor.)

Bringing these new design features down to the level of site admins is great and I hope that the theme builders out there will embrace and exploit these new opportunities.

I have one more thought to share in this regard. I also appreciate and find it very very useful when a theme includes a demo-content.json file. It really helps me get up to speed with a theme more rapidly.

Thank you to ALL of the wonderful theme makers and builders we have in the Ghost community!

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I just found this tutorial (Thanks Ryan!) on how to implement Custom Theme Settings…

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