Theme development with Nuxt.JS

I’m developing a ghost theme with Nuxt.JS. But I was not able to make pagination, infinity scroll, or the Load More button because I am new to Jamstacks. Could anyone please help me to add pagination to my Nuxt.JS theme?

My website has more than 2,500 posts.

These tasks will need to be solved from the Nuxt side of things and depend on how you’re structuring your Ghost content.

Here’s a recent tutorial on adding pagination to Nuxt, which looks helpful: Pagination in Nuxt Content · Debbie Codes

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I will look into this. Thank you @RyanF

I’ve done a few things in Vue, so let me know how you get on!

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Thank you, @RyanF :heart: I just started to create a theme with Vue. I have fetched posts from my website, but there is a problem: I don’t know how to add pagination in Vue. My website has more than 2500 posts. I need to load 21 posts per page.

And I want to integrate Algolia search, which I am using in my website

And the next issue is how to integrate membership with VueJS.

I can add you to my Github repo.