Building a ghost blog with Nuxt.js - all features available?

On the Ghost Website there is a guide to create an interface for a ghost website using Nuxt:

There’s also a GitHub repo called “Nuxt-ghost-starter”:

Has anyone tried it?

I would be quite keen to rebuild the interface of my website with Nuxt, but would this mean I lose out on any of the features? I remember reading that the members feature of Ghost depended on what is in the theme file, so it seems possible that would be lost?

Can all of ghosts features be utilised when building a website through nuxt but passing in data from the ghost blog’s API?


At the moment, no. The two biggest blockers I know of are memberships and responsive images

With responsive images, this would mean you would have to do the styling for those yourself, right?

With memberships does this mean there is no way to implement these in your own nuxt blog?

No, I’m talking about the ability to specify image sizes

You might be able to implement one, but there’s no guarantee it’s going to work as Ghost evolves. Since the entirety of memberships is in beta, the API has the potential to change or be removed

I’m doing it, but the biggest issue for me is not having responsive images.

Ah, is the reason it doesn’t work because you can’t access the scaled down images from the API?

I will try it now.