Theme with a "facebook-like" Like feature on post


Hello there,
I’ve been asked by my company to setup a blog and gladly they chose Ghost ! :tada:

Anyway they wanted some features that Ghost doesn’t provide such as a “facebook-like” Like system.
The goal being to allow readers to like a post, then this would add 1 like to the counter of the post.
And then being able to make a page or something sorting the most liked post.

I gave it a thought and this would require to use the db and tweak the core somehow. But I guess it’s not really a good idea to mess with those.

Ultimately I just wanna know if somebody has an idea with a durable solution or if it’s just not possible, not until Apps API is out at least?


Best way to do it is just integrate disqus. I’m pretty sure disqus has a like feature for posts. Very trivial to integrate and adds comments sections and the like.


Yeah I see your point but we don’t want comments and even if somehow it’s possible to hide the comment part and keep the like feature, people would have to login just to Like a post. That’s seems too much.


It sounds like you’d need to stick with Facebook or a similar big social network? The reason Facebook like buttons work is because most people are permanently logged into Facebook already :wink:

Without requiring a login of some sort the like system could turn into a bit of a free-for-all without protection against bots and so on.


You’re making solid points. I was thinking about a cookie to limit the spam on the button but obviously it’s not something that can’t be bypassed.

Thank you.