Updating Ghost themes without losing scripts etc

Hi, I need to update my theme. However, I have added lots of little tweeks to my theme from custom commenting script to changing certain words. I would hate to have to manually go through all of that every time a theme needs to be updated. So, I have a few questions if someone can help me. They are fairly basic questions.

  1. Is there a way to automatically update themes? Or is this setup by the theme developer?

  2. How can I update my theme without losing my custom scripts?

  3. How can I quickly check which version of Ghost is running on my site? Not which theme version. I mean the Ghost install version?

Thank you.

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When my theme receives an update, I use Meld to compare the currently installed theme with the new release, and make any necessary changes before uploading to Ghost. Scripts, CSS and templates are within the archive I upload.

In Ghost admin click on What’s New to see the installed version.

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Thank you thats very useful. I was hoping there would be a Ghost solution to this. I just need to find an OSX version of Meld :) or alternative.

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It’s a visual diff tool, so there should be something for MacOS.