"There was an error when parsing the url" message while adding a Tweet

The function to embed a tweet in a ghost page from the editor doesn’t work anymore. It gives a “There was an error when parsing the url” message:

I tried with many different tweets, also with the interface and the code. I am running Ghost 5.47.0.

Could this because Musk started charging for many uses of Twitter APIs?

I am running Ghost 5.48.0 on https://bitcoin-2go.de and since 1 day I receive the same error. Further details from the console:

{"errors":[{"message":"Validation error, cannot read oembed.","context":"No provider found for supplied URL. https://twitter.com/Podolyak_M/status/1661642476036169732?s=20","type":"ValidationError","details":null,"property":null,"help":null,"code":null,"id":"33b14300-feee-11ed-bd47-2ba43165566c","ghostErrorCode":null}]}

I would appreciate any kind of bug fix!

I’ve also been experiencing this starting this weekend - GhostPro Version: 5.49.0+moya

It’s only occurring on new instances of trying to embed tweets, older posts with tweets embedded are still functioning normally.

I think this is the reason. Not even adding the tweet with the iframe given on publish.twitter.com solve this problem. For now, I just screenshot the tweet and add as a .jpg.

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Yeah, the screenshot approach is what I’m having to do as well. Unfortunately, it’s a pretty large image, so I should edit it and resize it. But, I’m usually in a hurry and just add it.

I probably will eventually replace Ghost’s image card with an HTML snippet, so I can resize something on the fly.

Musk – ugh.

So, just to be clear:

We have marked an answer as Solution which is basically a workaround? Which purpose does the remaining Twitter Card now have if it can’t be used?

Is any bug fix planned for the feature or can a detailed description of the origin of this issue be given?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Twitter is currently blocking IPs from large hosting companies such as DigitalOcean and Hetzner from using their embed endpoints. Without being able to access Twitter there’s not much Ghost’s embed implementation can do.

There are threads on the Twitter dev community forum to follow for any response from Twitter but so far they’ve been largely ignored:

Which purpose does the remaining Twitter Card now have if it can’t be used?

There’s no specific Twitter card, there’s just an embed card which is the same for all embeds (the card menu icons are named shortcuts to the generic embed card).

Until Twitter removes the IP block or provides an alternative embed method the only way to embed a tweet is via a HTML card and manually copy/pasting from the tweet’s embed UI, or creating an image of the tweet.

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